Go Hog Wild: 5 Ways to Use Boudin in Your Kitchen

What is Boudin?

Chances are, if you’re on this page, you already know what boudin is and (more or less) how to use boudin. In case you don’t, however; or you want to know a little more, here are the broad strokes. Though there are many types of sausage named “boudin” that have origins from anywhere from France to Luxembourg, they vary greatly from the Boudin known throughout Louisiana: Cajun Boudin. Cajun Boudin is a sausage made from mixed pork, the Cajun trinity (bell peppers, onions and celery), a proprietary blend of spices, and cooked rice that’s either stuffed into a hog casing, stuffed into another dish, or rolled into a ball.

Aside from stuffing it into dishes such as bread, roll-ups, chicken or beef, most Cajuns will tell you that boudin is straightforward “heat and eat:” grill, steam, or fry it and eat it right then and there. There’s nothing wrong with the direct route, but failing to mix it up means a lot of missed opportunities—so if you love boudin; here are a few ways to get creative with it in your kitchen.


As a Ground Beef Substitute

This one isn’t such a stretch; lots of Cajuns form loose boudin into balls and fry it, so forming it into patties, grilling it and putting it on a bun like a burger isn’t the biggest leap. Unlike other forms of sausage that are mostly ground pork, however, boudin is very loose outside the casing. As a result, it often needs a binding agent to hold it together; an egg will usually do the trick. 

Just like ground beef, loose boudin is at home in more places than a burger patty. Try substituting ground beef for loose boudin in dishes such as:

  • Tacos 
  • Pastas
  • Savory pies
  • Enchiladas
  • Cabbage rolls
  • Chili


Grilled and On a Hot Dog Bun

Just like the shape and size suggests, a link of boudin works great as an alternative to a hot dog. The key to making this work is to get the casing on the outside of the link nice and crispy so you can get a clean bite of it. This can be done in either a cast iron skillet that’s preheated before the boudin is dropped onto it, or by using a flame grill. Once it’s nice and crispy on the outside and fully cooked through, throw it on your choice of bun and top it with whatever you like! Try different combinations of classic and unusual toppings alike such as:


Spice Up a Side Dish Staple

Sometimes, a little bit of loose boudin is just what a normal side dish is missing. By taking a link of classic boudin and cutting open the casing, you can reap as much loose boudin as you need. Additionally, you can chop up a link or two of smoked boudin into small cubes as well to serve the same purpose but with a different texture and flavor profile. From there, try adding some to classic side dishes including (but not limited to):

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Green beans or green bean casserole
  • Cornbread stuffing
  • Smothered greens


On Crackers When Entertaining 

This example of how to use boudin doesn’t require much of an explanation, but the next time you break out the charcuterie board to accompany a game, cocktails, or whatever—supplement your dips and deli meats with some loose boudin! It pairs well with virtually any cracker or cheese, and it’s generally a lot less controversial than paté. 


Make a Sandwich 

This example of how to use boudin seems obvious, but too few people take advantage of boudin as a natural star of a sandwich. When placed on a crispy french loaf or between two toasted slices of sourdough, there are few things finer to satiate your hunger at any time of day, and any kind of boudin will work! Cut up boudin balls, sliced smoked boudin, loose boudin or crispy links are all right at home on a sandwich. Remember: boudin is versatile and easy to pair, so use your imagination and try different toppings! A few basic suggestions include:


Use Your Imagination

It goes without saying that there are far more examples of how to use boudin in your culinary routine; the only limits are your imagination! Loose boudin mix, boudin balls, links of boudin: all forms of everyone’s favorite Cajun treat can find their way into your favorite dish if you’re willing to try! If you’ve found a new and interesting way to use or eat Billy’s famous boudin, let us know! Tag us on facebook or instagram and maybe we’ll feature YOUR recipe online!

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