Billy's Boudin Interior

Boudin: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Boudin: A True Cajun Classic What is boudin (boo·dehn)? It’s probably the first word that comes to mind when a Cajun is asked about their local cuisine, as it’s an absolutely iconic food that, in its Cajun form, is almost entirely unique to the Cajun population....


Recipe: The Ultimate Boudin Po-Boy

What is a Po-boy? A Po-boy (sometimes stylized as po’ boy or po boy) sandwich is an age-old Louisiana tradition. Though they are sometimes incorrectly identified as just another name for a hero, sub or grinder; there’s a lot more to it than that! Despite being...

How To Use Boudin

Go Hog Wild: 5 Ways to Use Boudin in Your Kitchen

What is Boudin? Chances are, if you’re on this page, you already know what boudin is and (more or less) how to use boudin. In case you don’t, however; or you want to know a little more, here are the broad strokes. Though there are many types of sausage named...

Raw Pork Meat

Pork 101: Understanding the Different Cuts of Pork

In Cajun country, pork isn’t just a foodstuff; it’s a way of life. As poor people, Cajuns had a lot of love for pork right from the moment they settled in South Louisiana for the same reason it was popular in so many poor cultures: pigs eat nearly anything, don’t...

Bowl Of Homemade Boudin Chili With Cracklin Cornbread

Recipe: Boudin Chili and Cracklin Cornbread

Originally a meal associated strongly with Texas, chili and cornbread is a filling favorite for every occasion. From tailgating or hunting to just sitting at home, there are few times when chili and cornbread don’t hit the spot (some say it’s only for cool weather,...

A ring-shaped boudin stuffed bread

Joyeaux Noel: Setting a Cajun Christmas Table

It’s Christmas time in Acadiana (and everywhere else) and that means one thing especially: food! Most people across the country will be basting turkeys and glazing hams—but in Cajun country, we do things a little differently. While there’s nothing wrong with a...


Recipe: Roast Beef, Cajun Style

Fall is here at last, and that means some cooler weather! It’s about time! Nothing goes better with cool weather than hot food, and in Cajun Country we know better than anyone else how to make a dynamite dish to warm your heart as well as your belly (despite the...